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I am an analytics professional specializing in data visualization, particularly using Tableau's software products.

I'm passionate about enabling non-technical users to discover stories in their data and then present their findings in intuitive, beautiful ways.

With a background in business and psychology, as well as extensive technical experience with visualization software, databases, and programming languages, I communicate well with both technical and functional audiences. I have worked in numerous fields, including health care, insurance, media, and travel. 

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What Students Are Saying

"Branden was clear in his explanations, went through everything at a perfect pace: slow enough so I could follow as a beginner but also fast enough to stay engaged and interested all along. Thanks a million!"

"I thought this was a great class! I am new to learning Tableau and really found this class helpful and interesting. I am glad we were able to be provided the data set and could follow along with the instructor to have a hands on experience. I also appreciated the data analysis insights and helpful tidbits from the instructor including when to use different types of visualizations. I think the material was very valuable, and I feel like I understand Tableau better!"

"Overall a great introduction to data visualization. I found the hands on examples really useful and really appreciated that the instructor showed the process twice giving me time to keep up and understand different ways to create the same output in Tableau. I would recommend to other colleagues and friends who have access to Tableau and use large data sets."