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Circumcision and HIV Prevention

Circumcision of males is an ancient surgical practice with a surprising modern benefit: it reduces HIV infection rates by roughly 60% among heterosexual males. 

In Africa, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC)—circumcision of sexually mature males by health care professionals—is now a key component of programs to address the HIV epidemic.

COVID-19 Mortality Differences by Ethnicity

England and Wales were caught in one of the earliest and most severe COVID-19 outbreaks. It rapidly become clear that death rates for ethnic minorities have been notably higher than for whites.

These differences may be driven by higher risks of contracting COVID-19, difficulties in accessing care, different quality of care, or greater prevalence of underlying health conditions.

When Are Babies Born?

Deliveries are less common on holidays, both work holidays like Independence Day and "less desirable" days like April Fools' Day and Halloween.

The exception? A spike in babies on Valentines Day.